Whiskey Barrel Styling Beard Butter | Premium All Natural Beard Butter

Whiskey Barrel Styling Beard Butter | Premium All Natural Beard Butter

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Beard Balm Scent -a blend of aged whiskey in the oak barrel with a hint of smoke and fire

We consider ourselves (as do others) Beard/Mustache aficionados here at Dr.Lucius Grooming Provisions Co.! Beard grooming is our passion, and we have tried and tested many a wax, oil, balm etc. in our time and think ours is…well, the Best!

Our butters provide beard conditioning with Argan and Jojoba oils to deeply penetrate and moisturize the hair follicles while Shea Butter and Beeswax seal and shape your beard. Like not other, our Beard Balms are simply the best.

  1. To apply, soften a small amount of beard balm between your fingers and stroke through your beard.
  2. Can be applied to a towel dried beard or a completely dry beard.
  3. Can be applied lightly for minimal control or liberally for deep conditioning and shaping. It’s your beard and your beard balm – play around to find what works best for you.
This beard butter has been researched for months and made with the finest purest and natural blends of essential oils. It is the best beard butter on the market. The Dr. Lucius Grooming Provisions Co. butter is designed to be lightweight and will help keep your beard soft, conditioned and shiny. Because of it being light-weight, it won’t weigh down your beard or feel greasy. The only thing left behind is the mesmerizing fragrance.

Holds and nourishes.
Protects your beard from the elements.
Conditions your beard during the day.
Keeps your beard looking Awesome!